MEL PICBASIC Forum - How to create and publish an article

  • How to create and publish an article

    This web site is based upon an installation of the VBulletin Community forum.

    To help understand how articles are generated within this system, we have linked to an extract from the system user guide, that explains how to use the article editor.

    To create and publish articles in the WIKI, there are three routes that users of this web site may take:

    1) Moderated submission
    If you have created or wish to create an article for the WIKI, or if you have a project that you would like to publish. In the first instance, you may contact a moderator or administrator via the Forum Requests area. One of the moderators will work with you to advise and help you use the system. Your article will be checked by a moderator, before it is published on the web site.

    After submission of your first article, when you are happy that you understand the rules of article creation , you may be given contributor status, so that you can post articles on the web site in the projects and wiki area without passing through moderation.

    2) Contributor
    If you are planning to make regular contributions / you wish to publish several articles, no matter how small. After publishing your first article, you may request, or be given, Contributor status. All users of this system have Registered status, Contributor status gives user direct access to the WIKI and Projects area to publish articles, without going through moderation.

    3) Moderator
    Join our system moderators, help manage the forum, develop the site content and support users in their efforts to create content. Contact the moderators by requesting promotion to Moderator in the Forum Requests area. The administrators and Moderators may form time to time invite users to become moderators. To be considered for invitation, or when presenting your request, the system administrators will want to see that you are an active participant on the forums, providing support and assistance tot he community and generally showing a reasoned and sensible attitude in your activity on the forum.