• FineLineIDE

    Features include:
    Bracket lines linking If-Endif, For-Next etc.
    Tabbed explorer so that the current line indicator is always visible for navigation as is the FineLineIDE theme.
    Skins included with additional down loadable.
    Two FineLineIDE’s can be opened at once.
    FL saves a recovery file every 30 seconds and prompt’s to restore on restart if improper shutdown or crash.
    A “Compile & MPLAB SIM” button is offered to auto drag COF file to the MPLAB IDE for simulation.
    v3.0 is a rewrite for reliability, Bookmarks and Unused.
    FineLineIDE works with both Proton and PicBasicPro.
    FineLineIDE defines (currently used in PicBasicPro) establish in-code setting such as:
    Device: ‘<FL_PIC18F452>‘ First valid PIC found within the first 200 lines will highlight and set device.
    Compiler: ‘<FL_PBPW>’ or ‘<FL_PBPL>’
    Assembler: ‘<FL_MPASM>‘ or ‘<FL_PM>’

    In PicBasicPro setting FL will prompt on compile if there are improper setting including PBPW or PBPL and PM or MPASM.

    v3.3 has a low profile toolbar with selectable large or small icons and view or hide individual icons.
    Should benefit laptops or smaller screens.

    FineLineIDE v3.3 download
    Change .xyz extension to .exe

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