• How to enter "" , "" and "" symbols

    This article shows how to include "" , "" and "" in your articles.
    To conform with trademark law, you must recognize trademarks correctly in your forum posts and web site articles. This article explains how to insert symbols in your posts and articles on this web site.

    Some symbols appear on your key board, for example the ampersand @ , others need to be represented by html symbol codes in a specific format. These symbol codes, form part of the standard html entities supported by all browsers.

    To display the appropriate symbol, type the symbol code terminated with a semicolon, for example the following code will display , "" "" and "" symbols
    & # 174 terminated with a semicolon for

    & # 169 terminated with a semicolon for

    & # 8482 terminated with a semicolon for

    Many other symbols can be represented in this way a full list of html symbols can be found on the w3 schools web site http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_symbols.asp