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- 26th July 2011, 17:54
Hello Guys

i need your help is deciding which Serial to Ethernet module that is quite easy to use as there are quite a few out there when i do a search on both this forum and the internet.
This is basically what i intend to do.............
I have a Data Logger that store Temperature measurements date stamp etc to a serial eeprom.
i then go to download this data once in every 3 months with a laptop so i and now thinking that if it might be possible to connect the logger to the internet
via a Serial to Ethernet module so that i can download this data remotely .
Would like to hear from anyone who has done anything similar in the past

Best Regards

- 26th July 2011, 19:22
IMO, ConnectOne's serial <=> ethernet modules are the easiest to use. There's no real low level 'programming' - you merely send AT commands similar to PC-to-modem communication. mackrackit has published example code (http://mackrackit.com/mac/ichip/ichip.html).

- 26th July 2011, 22:51
Thanks for your reply
i check that example out and i think that is what i am looking for
have anyone got any links of where to get them in the uk

Best Regards

- 27th July 2011, 04:42
Try this link. (http://www.connectone.com/wheretobuy.asp)

- 27th July 2011, 19:09

Thank you very much for the link
it seems to be quite hard to get hold off in the uk but i have sent emails to both distribution listed for the uk
just keeping my finger grossed at the moment.
Have anyone else used anything similar ? from the data sheet it seems really easy to use would be a shame
if we cant get it in the uk


- 5th August 2011, 14:12
One other plus for Connect One - their serial<->WiFi modules have WPA/WPA2 security and SSL encryption.

- 9th March 2012, 19:56
we are using Carambola WiFi module from 8devices company for temperature measurement:
Carambola WiFi/Ethernet module price begins from 17 EUR only