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    How to enter "®" , "©" and "™" symbols

    This article shows how to include "®" , "©" and "™" in your articles.
    To conform with trademark law, you must recognise trademarks correctly in your forum posts and web site articles. This article explains how to insert symbols in your posts and articles on this web site.

    Some symbols appear on your key board, for example the ampersand @ , others need to be represented by html symbol codes in a specific format. These symbol codes, form part of the standard html entities supported by all browsers.

    To display the appropriate symbol, type the symbol code terminated with a semicolon, for example the following code will display , "®" "©" and "™" symbols

    & # 174 terminated with a semicolon for ®

    & # 169 terminated with a semicolon for ©

    & # 8482 terminated with a semicolon for ™

    Many other symbols can be represented in this way a full list of html symbols can be found on the w3 schools web site
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    Trademarks and Brands – Guidelines

    Use of Microchip Trademarks and Brands – Guidelines
    Microchip brand identity is a valuable asset protected by trademark law. Microchip aims to protect this asset by ensuring that its trademarks are used properly by Microchip, its customers, licensees, distributors, vendors, consultants, developers and others. You may use Microchip trademarks and product names to refer to Microchip products and services as long as you follow these Guidelines.

    Properly identify Microchip trademarks, including the trademark symbol (with ®, ™ or SM ) and the trademark’s descriptor, to accurately refer to Microchip products and services. For example:
    dsPIC® digital signal controller
    KEELOQ® technology
    MPLAB® integrated development environment
    PIC® microcontroller
    PowerMate™ software

    Use trademarks as adjectives followed by appropriate descriptors (nouns):
    Use a PIC® microcontroller in your next design.
    Use a PIC in your next design.

    Do NOT use trademarks in the possessive form.
    Compare the features of PIC® microcontrollers to other microcontrollers.
    Compare PIC’s features to other microcontrollers.

    Do NOT use trademarks in the plural form.
    Compare all PIC® microcontrollers to other microcontrollers.
    Compare all PICs to other microcontrollers.

    Do NOT use our trademarks in the title of your website or any part of your domain name.

    Do NOT use Microchip trademarks or logos (or similar marks) in your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos or company names. Instead, you may refer to Microchip products and services to indicate your product’s compatibility with a specific Microchip product or service.

    [Your Product Name]for use with PIC® microcontrollers.

    [Your Product Name]runs on PIC® microcontrollers.

    [Your Company] is experienced in designing hardware that works with PIC® microcontrollers.

    Your Product Name: “MyPIC”

    Your Product Name: “YesPIC”

    Your Product Name: “PICky”
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    General Reminder

    Hello forum users, just a reminder as to what is and is not acceptable on this forum.

    This site hopes to provide an educational environment for people to discuss and share ideas that relate to melabs compiler products

    To that end the site owners will attempt to keep the environment free from illegal activity or misleading / disruptive people or discussions.

    General rules
    Do not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may be considered offensive or unsutable for children. - Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). The IP addresses of all posts are recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.
    The administrator and moderators of this forum will remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit.

    General posting rules and tips:

    Please try to do some basic research before posting.
    Most fundamental questions have already been asked and replied to ....many times Use the Forum search feature.

    Do not post the same topic on several forums.
    Please do not cross post, once is enough.

    Please do not try to "bump" your topic.
    Replying to your own topic to get it to the top is annoying. Try to have some patience, this is a bulletin board, not IRC. It may take some time (e.g., one or two days) before someone can answer your query or question.

    Do not hijack threads.
    Please try to stick to the author's first post in each thread, if you want to discuss something else, create a new thread.

    Try to choose a subject that describes your topic.
    Please do not use topic subjects like Help me!!! or Problems.

    Illegally obtained distributed or utilised IP should not be promoted on this forum.

    This includes but is not limited to all illegally Obtained IP (intellectual property:
    Software/music/movies/tv-series/tv-shows) either through download, serial, or crack in a manner that either explicitly or implied breaks the copyright or license for that IP.

    Do NOT give or link to illegal material
    This includes linking to warez either directly or to crack or serial sites. Offering warez in any fashion including PM or e-mail is against forum policy.

    Do NOT ask for illegal material
    Asking, In any fashion is unacceptable including but not limited to PM or e-mail requests or information on what p-2-p network has copies.

    Do NOT provide information on how to obtain illegal material

    You must advertise, pertinent material products in the correct forum area.
    Commercial advertisements for mobile telephones, iPods are likely to be removed. If posted outside of the appropriate forum, anything that appears to be advertising or solicitation will be removed. This does not apply to LEGITIMATE news or legally available user guides.

    Max 3 lines text, additioanl comments are not necessary

    This forum and its associated mailing list is owned and run by Crownhill Associates Limited. Forum administrators and moderators appointed by Crownhill, do not have ultimate descision making responsibility. They are trying to provide an environment thqat falls within our guide lines. If you are not happy with their actions, contact us direct.

    Dispute arbitration will be carried out by Crownhill Associates Limited, its decision is final.
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