i AM TRYING TO CREATE A TIMER USING A 12f675 and am having trouble doing so.

The timer works by using two pots to control the ON time and the CYCLE time.

In other words i use one pot to set my cycle time to lets say 1 min. and then i use the other pot to set an ON time of 5 sec. The problem that i am having is that i need it to work so that if i make my ON time larger it makes the OFF time smaller while keeping the CYCLE time the same.

I cant figure out how to basically do two things at once.

The final problem is that i need the ON time and the CYCLE time to be adjustable is specific time ranges.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

I have created a timer before but i simply controlled the ON and OFF time not the CYCLE time as with this timer.

I have thought about using the TMR0 function of the chip to run in the background but have never used it before and the datasheet is not much help.

Thank you for any help at all.