graphics lcd with lcdout style serial??

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    Default graphics lcd with lcdout style serial??

    so, is there such a thing as being able to make a graphics lcd act like a character based lcd?? i was thinking that it would be nice to have a large lcd (>20x4), and be able to treat it like you do an ede702..... so maybe have $c0 for line two, etc, and do similarly for the lines beyond the 4th row. all the same would apply, no need for auto text wrapping, etc. just have some kinda control on a larger lcd that can take serial commands (in lcd style..).

    i have tried to search for this, but didnt really get anywhere. there's that one 24x8 character display, but i cant find a driver that would make it work as plainly as i want, and without a built-in keypad.

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    Have you looked at the code skimask gave here?
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    there's also a few example at the following

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    And this: although the most expensive I suppose...


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    Some of the graphics LCD displays have the option of running in text and graphics mode. They also have RAM that you can load custom character sets into. Some of the text based LCD displays also have line characters that can be used to draw crude graphics.
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