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    Hi All,
    I recently came across some programming on the web for an IR/RF Remote Control. ( I managed to build the circuit and get it operational with the supplied program. I am using the eight channel version but by default it is set to a Latched output.

    Does anyone know how i would go about changing it from Latched to Momentary, i think it has something to do with line 36.

    Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Hi jhorsburgh,

    I've never used that program before, but looking at the code, it appears that each bit in the LATCH_MASK constant determines if the corresponding channel is Latched or Momentary.

    0xFF = all output's latched
    0x00 = all output's momentary
    0xF0 = top 4 bit's Latched, bottom 4 momentary.

    I beleive VALID_BIT should also be 8, for the 8 channel version.


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    That worked perfectally.

    Thank very much for your help DT.


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