My name is Arbel Nissan, I'm working in CircuiTec. I am sending this e-mail to introduce you to CircuiTec PCB Layout Design Services and enquire if you would be interested in partnering/using our services.

We have a team of 10 designers having a very good understanding of high speed design practices and design for manufacturability requirements. We use Cadence Allegro tool for layout design.

CircuiTec experienced design team provides design excellence, reduces time to market, enhances fabrication and assembly yields.
We specialize in high-speed (10 GHz), multi-layer , high density PCB Layouts.

Our customers include:
Freescale -
Sandisk -
PMC Sierra -
Atrica -
Silicom -
Celtro -
Teledata -
Actelis -
Septier -

With Global sourcing gaining acceptance, leading companies worldwide have been off shoring to stay competitive. Since we are located in a relatively low cost region, we are able to offer very attractive prices to our customers. We have also have been very successful in delivering the designs in a quick turn around time by working in shifts etc. We have delivered more than 100 hours of progress in a week to our customers.

For more details on our services, please visit us at

Best Regards,
Arbel Nissan