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    Hi anyone
    I wrote a program in microcode studio IDE.
    When I compiled it , below message was appeared:
    '...[102] code crosses boundary @ 800h "
    whats the meaning of this warning and what must I do?
    Thank alot

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    This is a perfect FAQ example - which is exactly the section where the answer has just ended up...

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    I also have a question concerning microcode studio and warning message.

    Compiling a program, PBP gives a warning saying:

    "Warning[202]...\rt8166~1.mac 661: Argument out of range. Least significant bits used."

    I think it appears when I fill an array with the following code:
    array VAR BYTE[8]
    i VAR BYTE
    Value VAR BYTE
    Counter VAR BYTE

    Data1 DATA "MyData",0

    ' fill an array with "MyData"
    LOOKUP i-1,[Data1],Counter

    READ Counter,Value
    IF Value != 0 THEN 'Make sure it's not 0
    Counter = Counter + 1
    GOSUB fill
    ' do something

    What does it mean?

    Thank you.


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