PICBasic Pro vs Proton PICBasic

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    Default PICBasic Pro vs Proton PICBasic

    what are the differences?

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    Talking Humour !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by CosMecc
    what are the differences?
    Some are pro, some are against ... like for politics !!!

    let's say one is younger and shows whistles and bells than the other ...

    " The best tool is the one you know the best " ... that's all !!!

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    Why insist on using 32 Bits when you're not even able to deal with the first 8 ones ??? ehhhhhh ...
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    IF there is the word "Problem" in your question ...
    certainly the answer is " RTFM " or " RTFDataSheet " !!!

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    one is problem free (or close to) but don't have too much built-in function... but it's problem free

    The other have more and more built-in function BUT also have some hidden feature that nobody wants to deal with. AKA issues.

    It's not a bug, it's a random feature.
    There's no problem, only learning opportunities.

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    Which one is "one" and which one is the "other" one?

    "If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital." Napoleon Bonaparte

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    The forum for the above is here www.picbasic.org/forum

    and if you're reading this, then you're already in the forum for the above product!

    You pays your money, you takes your choice... I'll not get involved in any debate as to which is better or worse, for no reason other than Proton seems to have gone through many versions and upgrades since I last looked at it and I'm not up to speed as to it's current status.

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