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    Default recognizing a serin2 string

    Hello all.

    I am new to pics and pic basic. I have a project where I would like to detect two different strings of data coming into a serial line. There will be a constant stream of data presented to the line, but I want to set an output port bit on when one sequence of letters/numbers is found and then reset that port bit when another sequence is found. Here are some details.

    1. incoming serial parameters, 8 bits, 1 stop, 45.45 baud
    2. listen to incoming data, set a bit high when "KC2NWG" is found in the stream
    3. listen to incoming data, set a bit low when "NNNN" is found in the stream.
    4. loop back to 2

    Thats it!

    In reality it will be a 5 bit byte coming in but I thought this example would be easiest to understand.

    Anyone help with this? I suspect I want to use the WAITSTR for SERIN2 function, but not sure how.

    thank you

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    ehertz, Just use the "WAIT" modifier for the serin,Hserin command and place the string you are looking for. Do this for each string in the command and you have it. Its covered in the manual....

    Dave Purola,

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    Default serin!

    thanks very much.

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