PIC 12c509 - No External timing components

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    Default PIC 12c509 - No External timing components

    I am new to this area of electronics but have done a bit with the 16c84. I have just noticed from some schematics I stumbled across that you do not have to have external timing components. This can apparently be done though software. Does anyone have any samples of do they need to be specific to a program?

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    I didn't think that the 16c84 had an internal oscillator. Some chips (such as the 16F88 do). These are configured when you program the PIC.

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    you can run the 12C509 by setting the according configuration fuses in your code or before programming it... do it in your code, it's handy and easy. The whole thing is explain in the following thread.

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    In additon to what the others have said ... I went to MELabs website and used their PIC search tool to find all PICs that have internal oscillator capabilities. You can see these here:


    As far as specific examples, I have a picture posted (link below) showing a serial interface to a custom display (with no external oscillator)


    a small code snippet is included under the picture. As the others have noted, the choice to use the internal or external is made when you program the chip. Follow the links they provided for more information on that.

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