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    I recently purchased a PicBasic Compiler from MicroEngineering Labs Inc. I have been trying to change the coded programs which were written for the PicBasic Pro. Could anyone direct me or let me know where I can get a Good introductory book paid or otherwise which will show a beginner how to program using the
    PicBasic Compiler. The Manual that came with this compiler is really really bad and after reading through the manual I am more confused than ever. A reply would be appreciated. WWC Bolton MA USA

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    I am affraid you are going to be a little bit disappointed. PIC BASIC PRO has huge power when compared to the PIC BASIC. There will be certain things that you will have a hard time changing. I have seen the book :

    <b><a href="http://half.ebay.com/cat/buy/prod.cgi?cpid=1455598&domain_id=1856&meta_id=1"><s pan style="font-size:18" >Pic Microcontroller Project Book</span></a><b/>
    <b>Format</b>: Paperback
    <b>ISBN</b>: 0-07135-4794
    April 2000
    <b>Publisher</b>: McGraw-Hill
    203 pages

    It comes with a good example "library" and puts you up and running in no time.

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    Ivancho are saying you that it is difficult to change syntax from PicBasic Pro to Standard PicBasic ? They want an arm and a leg for the PicBasic Pro compiler.

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    Thumbs down PicBasic Pro/PicBasic

    Sorry again the Book you mentioned ivancho does that just cover standard PicBasic or does it cover both syntaxes PicBasic Pro and PicBasic sorry for the second question.

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    Thumbs down Pic Micro Project Book

    Ivancho bought the book and is the one I was trying to find again thanks for help. If you go to Amazone books section you can get them reduced price.

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    THe book I mention covers onle the PIC BASIC compiler. They start the book by saying that you need only that , but once you work with PIC BASIC PRO (PBP) you see how much better it is. I know they want a lot for their program, not much that can be done there........or can there?

    What happens is that PIC BASIC Compiler is a lite version of the other compiler PBP. With PBP you can address any register of the PIC buy just writing to the register's name, like TRISA = 0. To be able todo that in PICBASIC you need to define a variable as a memory location for register TRISA. Then you have to Poke the register, with the value you need to sent INPUTS/OUTPUTS.

    And there are a ton more of changes. Don't get me wrong you can do a lot with PICBASIC, but you can do much more with PBP, among other you can do with PBP easier:

    Analog to Digital Conversions - ADCIN
    Writting to a LCD - LCDOUT
    Hardware PWM- HPWM
    Hardware Serial - Hserin

    There is a comparasion here: <url>http://www.melabs.com/products/comp_pro.htm</url>

    Good Luck


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