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    Default Trouble setting config. bits

    Hi folks,

    I'm brand new to PBP, and I'm trying to adapt some 16F84 code to a 16F628. One thing I'd like to do but cant is to set the configuration bits within the compile and not in the EPIC programmer setup screen.

    From what I've seen in this forum, you are supposed to type something like:


    to set that bit. However, when I do this, I get warning messages:

    Warning [207] c:\blablah.asm 92: Found label after column 1 (DEVICE)


    Error[122] c:\blahblah.asm 92: Illegal opcode [pic16F628]

    I've tried some of the other variations I've seen and still can't get it to compile without errors/warnings. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I can work around this, but it's a pain!


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    what version of PBP are you using?

    Are you using PM or MPASM ?


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    Well, as things sometimes go, it's the question that provides the answer.

    I was in fact using MPASM (what 's the difference between PM and MPASM?) and that was the root of my problem. I've since found ME Lab's page on the same topic, and that answered all my questions. Shame I couldn't find it before; here's a link for those looking for it in the future:

    Thank you!


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