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    Default Serout2 question

    Is there any switch/setting that can send everything in a serout2 command in the 1 complete packet?

    MyValue = 100
    serout2 PORTB.1, 84, ["This is my value:", dec MyValue, 13,10]

    can be sent out as a complete "This is my value: 100 CRLF"

    The reason I ask is because there's one particular RF transceiver module I have that will only transmit the "This is my value". All my other transceivers will happily transmit the entire parameters including value, CR and LF. This is the same deal for all my serout2 transmits irrespective of string lengths.

    I really want to avoid having to contract everything together into a single variable prior to sending.

    I haven't tried sending using hardware, but if that's a solution, I can work with that.

    The module is a CEbyte E22-400T37S

    Thanks for any assistance.

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