Door Lock Project with PIC18F452

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    Default Door Lock Project with PIC18F452

    I have got a semester project, where we need to design a "Door Lock Project with PIC18F452". Here are the details of the project:

    1) There should be a 4 digit pin code for authentication, for that we will use a keypad and an LCD.

    2) A solenoid valve to open the lock/unlock the door.

    3) A GSM module for notifications i.e. if there's invalid try.

    We are not using Wifi, we will just send SMS notifications to the user.

    Google has helped me a little and I found few useful links to start the work. This one has the keypad security but it doesn't have the gsm module in it. https://www.theengineeringprojects.c...ontroller.html

    while this one has the gsm notification system, it has alarm but we can modify it to notification

    So, all we need to do is to combine the two codes together, so anyone could help me in here, really obliged.


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    Default Re: Door Lock Project with PIC18F452

    I think you are on the wrong forum.

    We do Basic here, not C. Sorry...


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