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    Default PCb board similar to Arduino UNO


    I am working on a project, where I need to design a PIC Board similar to Arduino UNO in design. I am using PIC18F452 microcontroller instead of Atmega328 microcontroller.

    So, we will be designing the PIC basic circuit and the programmer/burner on the board. So, it should be just a plug and play thing.

    Similarly it should have a reset buttong and a power LED. So, can someone provide me the complete circuit diagram for this board, if you could rovide its PCB design that would be better.

    I am designing this kind of board: https://www.pcbway.com/project/share...ENT_BOARD.html but with a few changes. It has used PIC16F877a but I will be using the PIC 18F452.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: PCb board similar to Arduino UNO

    There are boards out there that are pin comparable with the Arduino shields. I have a few here and I use 18F27k40's on them. It has more power than the 877 or 452's. But I suppose if you need the pins? Crownhill has stopped making there board but there is still a couple more out there. Just Google it...

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    Default Re: PCb board similar to Arduino UNO

    What you want to do is little complex

    On Arduinos, they use a usb to serial bridge ic like the FTL232, there is no built in burner. The IDE compiles and loads the hex via the usb to FTL232 to AVR UART. Arduinos have a bootloader.

    So to duplicate this for a pic you will need a bootlader file. Then you will need some kind pc script program that takes the hex file from a folder and sends it out the usb port. Most pic pcbs use ICSP port and an external programmer.

    Microchip app note describes the process. It's old from 2002 so not sure what resources are still available?


    Post your progress

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