i find super glue won't last on "common garden variety" pla. there are quite a few pla variants around now, silky smooth , pla+ , pla super strong
that i have not tried gluing up. glue may not be the only issue, one of the silky variants i tried wont hold its shape over time in normal summer time temps/humidity either. its a bit of a mine field, abs is more durable/predictable but the fumes give me trouble.
had similar issues with resin printer, the nice fume free water wash up resins fall to pieces if exposed to sunlight for a couple of weeks
they come off the printer looking lovely, it was marketed as dental resin like .... not!
the first abs print i did to repair my weather station wind vane bracket has been out in the sun and rain for 10 or 11 years now and is still fully intact.
can't remember gluing abs but i think that was not easy either to get a good result , got some memories of acetone being involved