I wanted to know for a project the minimum and maximum time an incandenscent lamp takes to full brightness.

Google dod not return any useful info, so I turned to chatGPT:

what is the minimum and maximum time in ms that an incandescent lamp of 12 Volt at 24 watts takes to full brightness?

The time it takes for an incandescent lamp to reach full brightness can still vary based on factors such as the bulb's age and condition, as well as the specific circuitry it is connected to.

However, as a general estimate, a 12V 24W incandescent lamp should reach full brightness within approximately 0.1 to 0.3 seconds after being turned on. This is based on typical performance characteristics of incandescent bulbs of this wattage and voltage.

So, the minimum time for an incandescent lamp of 12V at 24 watts to reach full brightness could be around 0.1 seconds (100 milliseconds), and the maximum time could be up to 0.3 seconds (300 milliseconds), though the actual time may vary slightly.

Once again, amazed!