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    Default Bluetooth HC-05 Question

    HI thank you for reading

    I have a project involving a HC05 / 06 Bluetooth module .... All is good but for one thing.

    I need the thing to drop connection when the host connection goes out of range

    Once paired it seems to stay paired, the only work around I can see is to cycle the power?

    But as the installation is remote not sure if feasible ?

    reason I need to drop connection is so different hosts can connect at different random times

    Ideas as always welcome


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    Default Re: Bluetooth HC-05 Question

    Look at command set:
    Be aware that there is several fw for HC-05. I have build programmer for them that worked on parallel port. So I could write FW that is best suited for me.
    You have several options, you can:
    1. disconnect using AT+DISC
    2. reset module AT+RESET
    3. remove all auth devices, AT+ RMAAD.

    I hope that this will help...

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    Default Re: Bluetooth HC-05 Question

    if you use esp8266 IP device for serial comms, it will take up to 5 simultaneous connections.

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