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    I'm trying to create a bootloader for an 18F2680 using the UMC application. Every time I run UMCBUILD.EXE it says it can't find the path to MPASM. MPASM works fine with all my other applications. I've gone so far as to set a path to MPASM in windows 7 and even to place a copy of MPASM in my UMC working directory. I've tried changing the name of MPASMX to MPASM. I'm using Mplab X IDE v4.01. Support from Mecanique is non-existant.

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    Here is my path statement:

    MPASM=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MPLABX\v3.61\mpasmx

    Then make a copy of the file "mpasmx.exe" and rename it "MPASMWIN.exe", then place it in the "mpasmx" directory. That's what I did...
    Dave Purola,

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