Returning to PICbasic after five years of working with BS2 in a number of K12 schools. Itís not a walk in the park to pick up where you left off. Iíve jump back in working with DTís interrupts. Iím having to start from day one. After reviewing much of DT's work and the great stuff that has been posted on wiki, I was wondering how difficult it would be to develop an index of all DTís work by individual interrupt topics. As I try to decipher all the threads on an individual topic I find many of the links no longer work and many threads jump from one topic to another. This all makes unraveling needed information extremely difficult and it's only going to get more difficult over time.

I know this would be a great effort. Many forum members could, and would, become involved to make this happen. Key persons could agree on a format and members with experience in each topic could contribute information developed around the agreed format, submit to a location, and moderators could agree or disagree to post to the BOOK. I am no expert on organizing this kind of effort but Iím sure someone out there is. Links could be added to extend relevant information if needed but many links fall short over time. This could also add some needed spice to the forum. This would be ďThe Book of DT_INTísĒ and a tribute to Darrel's contributions.

General: DT_Interrupts must be used with MPASM
Include files:
INCLUDE ReEnterPBP-14.bas

1. ASM
2. INT_LIST macro ; IntSource, Label, Type, ResetFlag?
3. INT_Handler RX_INT, _GetData, PBP, yes
4. endm
5. INT_CREATE ; Creates the interrupt processor

Works with PIC12fxxxx and PIC16fxxxx
RX_INT - USART Receive Interrupt. Interrupt for HSERIN communication
* RX_INT will NOT work with Serin or Serin2
* INT_ENABLE RX_INT Ė to enable RX interrupt after handler is created.
* INT_DISABLE RX_INT Ė disable RX interrupt
* INT_RETURN Ė To restore and return to the program where interrupt was made.
* ResetFlag switch is not required to be YES, FIFO buffer is cleared when read.
* all other relevant information on this topic

TX_INT - USART Transmit Interrupt. Interrupt for HSEROUT communication
* TX_INT will NOT work with Serout or Serout2

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