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    I've been using PBP 3.0 gold, MPASMX and MCSP for the last few months without any problems. I decided to update MPLAB to version 4.1 and I loaded XC8 C compiler. Now when I try to compile something with PBP 3.0 and MCSP I get an error "unable to execute MPASMX." in MCSP. I've manually pointed MCSP to MPASMX but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

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    welcome to the Death Spiral of legacy software
    I would go back to an earlier version of mplabx , [3.55 works ok]
    get pbp working again . and then try 4.1 again , don't remove 3.55 though.
    usually mplabx allows multiple versions to coexist , I have not tried 4.1

    PBP_MPASM_Connector.exe you did try this ?
    its in you pbp/ MPASM-MPLAB_SETUP folder
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