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    Default SSD1306 start display problem

    I'm trying to use an adafruit 0.96" 128x64 OLED. using SPI
    I want to draw some graphics (BIG numbers in this case 30x48 pixels each)
    I don't want to draw the entire display (1024 bytes) to place my number at the center (by example) of the screen.
    I would like to just send 180 bytes of my little graphic
    So I try this code: (part)

    low dc : PAUSEUS 10            'mode command
    val = $20                      'set mem addr mode
    gosub send
    val = 1                        'mode vertical  (with $20 above)
    gosub send
    val = $22                      'setup page start & end addr
    gosub send
    val = 1                        'start page 1 (page 0 not used) High caract = 6 bytes ... 8 possible
    gosub send
    val = 6                        'end page 6 (page 7 not used)
    gosub send
    val = $21                      'set colonne start & end
    gosub send
    val = 49                       'would like to place at the center so at row 49  (start)
    gosub send
    val = 78                       ' end
    gosub send
    high dc : PAUSEUS 10           'mode display
    for tab = 0 to 179
    lookup tab,[$00,$00,$FF,$FF,$00,$00,$00,$F8,$FF,$FF,$0F,$00,$00,$FF,$FF,$FF,$7F,$00,_
    $00,$FF,$FF,$FF,$7F,$00,$00,$F8,$FF,$FF,$0F,$00,$00,$00,$FF,$7F,$00,$00],val  ' Code for char 0
    gosub send                  ' send data
    pause 10                    ' to see it slowly
    next tab
    but it doesn't start at row 49... Always at ROW 0 !

    Name:  Capture2.JPG
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    I tried to see code from others (arduino too but they use libraries so... just crazy) but I can't see what's wrong.
    Any help ?

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    Default Re: SSD1306 start display problem

    OK... I know what's wrong. This is not my code ! It's because of the bad simulation of the SSD1306 with proteus software :-( I took a real 0.96" OLED display and it works fine without any change of my code.

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