Hi every1,

I'm very new to programming PIC micro controllers. I've been banging my head against the wall the last few days, is there any way I can get an output to stay on while the processor does something else...? here is the deivce:

1 input (button)
2 outputs (relay and led)

light flashes when on stand by (easy)
when the button is pressed high relay (easy)
at the same time flash LED to show process(.....not so easy as the relay shuts down)
after 30s led stays on and relay stays on (...........again I can only get 1 output to come on at a time)
while waiting for button to be pressed again, led stays on and relay stays on
when button is pressed again flash led 1minute (to allow proper shutdown)
relay goes LOW and led goes back to standby mode.

I can't seem to get th erelay to LATCH ON. I gone thro the manual cover to cover. cant seem to find anything to solve this problem.
can someone help....?