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    Default 2x16 LCD Graphics :)

    Hi Guys,
    I know the odometer effect has been done, also the bargraph,
    but both use single isolated custom chars as up to eight screen buffers drawn all over the place.

    Has anyone considered making a frame buffer array in RAM, and then copying out
    the bytes to all of the eight custom characters for every frame?

    It's probably five years too late with the price of gfx LCDs now,
    but I think a nice exercise, and think the rotating 3D cube is doable.
    I was thinking do a real 23x17 frame buffer, and just accept that the
    inbetween lines are invisible pixels, so long as the display is animated.

    Most of the points on the cube are duplicates of another with different initial 2D offsets.
    I can't do the point rotation without trig, but can use another program to generate the
    pre rotated list of points of 36 or so different angles around each axis.
    The lines should be right to draw locally since they only need square root.
    Also proper balls bouncing off walls at inverted angles should be ok locally.

    Pixel resolution horizontal scrolling should be also possible on an 8x1 display.

    Any ideas suggestions? Has someone done this?
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