Economical SMTsemi automatic screen printer, it is the best choice for high precision andbatch production; It can print single and double sides PCBs, PCB position adjustment,working station moving and scraper running are driven by precision line guide;The guide is with frequency motors ensure printing and repeat accuracy.
In addition, inBeijing GlichnS&T Development Co.,Ltd, there are manual high precision screen printer,automatic stencil printer with vision system, LED large size screen printersand so on.

LED Automaticpick and place machine for LED, it is the best choice for electronic factory,SMT factory, LED manufacture to mount 0603080512061210LED3528LED5050 diodetriode and so on. It can improveaccuracy and efficient and save lots of cost.

Stable using,easy operation, high performance cost automatic pick and place machine. It hasCE


SMD pick andplace machines, if automatic there are GP200 and GP250; BeijingGlichn S&T Development Co.,Ltd the link
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