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    I'm working on a small development that uses an airborne PC as grandmaster talking over a serial link (RS-422/RS-485)to a PIC 16F877A from which I operate and read a number of devices. I chose the 16F877A because I could get it locally and it had the SPP master cabability. I have a couple of devices - like the SRF08 range sensor - that need the I2C bus. So far so good - that looks reasonably straightforward with the I2C commands in my PicBasic Pro 2.47. I also have a temperature sensor TMP102 which is on the closely related SMBus. Now I have worked through being able to program the PIC on its board with ICSP and have it communicate on the Tx/Rx serial link - which entailed a fair bit of trial and error, using Oimax PG3B and P-40 boards and setting up the connection through a MAX 489 transceiver - I'm all set to have a go at the I2C line. Anyone want to pass on any experience or advice re using the PIC I2C link with devices on the SMBus? Also, if anyone is having trouble with RS-422/485 I don't mind sharing what I have learned - all of it is basically available on the net, but it needs thinking and working through the first time round!
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