PIC16F877A Output to Ethernet

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    Default PIC16F877A Output to Ethernet


    I've done googling around to look for something similar, but all of the information is way out of what I can understand. Appreciate if some one can provide me some guidance on this matter.

    I am working on a project, to read certain input via the PIC I/O, and from the I/O combination, I would like to output the information via ethernet, which the I/O information will be channeled to a APACHE web server (PC) and a script to translate the information and record in text file format.

    I would like to know, how do I output the information through ethernet connectivity to LAN?

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    Default Re: PIC16F877A Output to Ethernet

    If you search serial over ethernet you'll find lots of posts on the hardware you need to network a PIC based project

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