Hi guys,

At the beginning I'd like to thank you all for a great knowledge database, this forum is. Amazing work, made my life so much easier countless times. Thank you.

To the point :

I'm currently working on a solution to program slave PICs by one single master pic via ICSP. The idea is that only master pic should be programmed by a propper programmer, and than this pic should program all the slaves.

I thought it would be possible if I could include a compiled program for slave PICs (like a hex file) into a master pic basic pro code. I really don't want to compile the slave software with master software - I just want to include it. Thank I could just stream it via ICSP to slave PICs. Do you think this is possible? Maybe I should have a closer look at a linker?

I'm using PBP 2.50C with MPLAB 8.15 and ICD3.

Thanks in advance for the help.