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    Hi All
    I have a GPS module which i want to request data from and not use the automatic output sentences.
    i can control the NMEA sentences but i cannot find any information on requesting information from GPS module.
    i have tried the data sheet but the syntax isn't clear to me.
    Has anyone used this approach??
    if so an example of the syntax would be appreaciated.
    the module is a GT-310f
    thanks in advance.

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    I looked around a little bit, but I could not find the manual for the binary protocol. There is supposed to be one called: "Binary Message Protocol User’s Guide" If you could get your hands on one, it would list the commands available to talk to the gps. Here is just the general datasheet, but you probably have that already: It only lists the NMEA protocol for data coming out of the gps, not binary commands.

    (note that the manufacturer spelled the name of their website wrong in their documentation). So the real link is:
    But their website has a data sheet with even less information. You may be able to ask them for the Binary protocol.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    i have the full protocol description (attached) from rfsolutions but it is very vague about the query commands.i have worked out the change NMEA output.
    the string they display appears to require sending data in all the fields to get data back.
    not many people seem to use the querys they seem to take the auto output sentences and strip out the required parts.
    i was hoping to give the pic an easy life and have every thing in one sentence and only when i ask for it.....
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