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    Interesting read Tekart..

    Will have a play with the LDR (PhotoDiode) on the ADC.... Sounds like it might work !!

    Thank you all again

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    Hi all.

    Thanks for help / ideas.... been playing with a couple. Seems to be a lot of repeat numbers... Maybe that just me looking to hard into it.

    I really thought multiplying the seed number...
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    Further to this thread...

    Although using :-

    adcin ch,myword
    random myword

    I am using the same ADC port to create 2 random numbers....:-

    adcin 4,myword1
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    Hi all the trick of using the ADC port worked great..... Well for what I need anyway. Added to my little books of tricks ..

    Only issue was the 628 I was using didnt have ADC so migrated to a 818....
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    Hi all thank you for reading..

    Using the above basis I have created what I thought to be a "Dice" type program to give me a "random" number between 1 and 6… however I have just found the...
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