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    A fine Aussie asked me to generate a DT_INTS for the new Q43 series. It has been bench tested with TMR0 and TMR2. My assumption is that if they work, the mechanicals are working, and everything else should work.

    Attached is "working" code for DT_INTS-Q43. It uses the standard ReEnterPBP-18.bas and functions just like previous versions. You must make sure "MVECEN = OFF" in the CONFIG.

    1 - Access Bank is BANK4 in the Q43, not BANK0
    2 - INTCON is INTCON0
    3 - All possible Interrupts are listed along with various #definitions, all non-existent Interrupts have been removed
    4 - ASM movff Commands changed to movffl to work with the extended Memory range
    5 - INTCON0.PIE doesn't exist, I just commented it out.

    Due to #5, this probably only works with all Interrupts used as High Priority. I tested it with TMR0 and TMR2 only. The mechanics work, so I assume all Interrupts will work. Try it and let me know if something isn't working properly. I find it curious that I had to add ".txt" to get this forum to accept it as a valid upload! Remove the .txt to use it.


    I forgot to mention, the PIC18F27_47_57Q43.PBPINC files incorrectly list BANK36 with the same address range as BANK26. Remove the .txt from the attached file name and include the appropriate file in your project folder. PBP will look for it in the project folder first, then the C:// last. Since there is no BANK36 in the smaller 25_26_45_46_55_56Q43 chips, they are good to go. Charles assures me that that is what he received from Microchip and it wasn't a mistake copying from the Data Sheet.


    Crap! It was pointed out by tumbleweed on the ME Labs site that the ACCESS BANK is BANK5, not BANK4. I made that and a few other changes and have a revised version with an appended _1 in the name.


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