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    What to do and where to look if it all goes wrong !

    1st and foremost, be sure to read the readme files on the install disk and in the working directory on your hard disk once the application is installed. The majority of the of the new user support questions can be solved by reading the readme files on the installation disk or in the working directory. Revisions to command functionality and bug fixes are also listed in these files, (the printed manual is updated only periodically). Most new commands are first listed in the readme files, well before any mention the manual.

    PIC® BASIC is a very well documented language, several books are available (on this site!) and some excellent FREE documentation has been published by Parallax as part of their stampsinclass series.

    Remember that PIC® Basic compilers are compatible with the BASIC STAMP language and syntax, so virtually any code written for the basic stamp can be compiled by PIC® BASIC (stamp1) or PIC® BASIC PRO(stamp1+2). The basic theory and principles of useing the stamp are applicable to PIC® when using PIC® Basic. Beginners should note the theory and concepts used with the BASIC STAMP when constructing their first PIC® project with PIC® BASIC or PIC® BASIC PRO.
    At present general HELP is provided via the PICBASIC® Forum, this means that you must have access to the internet to be able to send and receive information related to your problem. If you have problems with installation or compilation please make use of the Forum
    Both Crownhill and ME Labs monitor the PICBASIC® user Forum as do many other PICBASIC® users, the forum is a medium by which you can obtain help, hints and tips form Crownjhill melabs and the mass of existing picbasic® users, most problems are not new and other users often have the correct solutions to hand and they will often reply almost immediately.
    To join the forum simly comlete the registration form found under the REGISTER button at the top right of this web page.

    Remember that PICBASIC® is largely compatible with the Parallax BASIC Stamp® I and II modules, make use of the vast range of documentation published by Parallax Inc and look at the code examples on this site for ideas and solutions to your problems.