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  • Installing the PICkit2 Command Line Interface

    The "Command Line Interface" will allow you to Compile & Program from MicroCode Studio with 1-click using a PICkit2 programmer.
    It's not that hard to install, and is well worth it IMO.

    Download and install the latest PICkit 2 GUI software from ...

    After installing the GUI ...
    Download the "PICKit2 Command Line Interface" (PK2CMD) from the same page.

    Extract all files from PK2CMD to your "C:\Program Files\Microchip\PICkit 2 v2" folder.
    It's the same folder as the PICkit2 programmer software.

    In Microcode Studio View | Compile and Program Options... | programmer tab,
    click Add New Programmer, select "Create a custom programmer entry" then click "Next".
    Enter any name you wish to call it and click "Next".
    Enter pk2cmd.exe as the "Programmer Filename" and click "Next".
    Click the "Find Manually" button and point it to C:\Program Files\Microchip\PICkit 2 v2 and click "Next".
    Enter this parameter line

    -pPIC$target-device$ -f$hex-filename$ -M -R -T -h2

    Then click Finished.

    Pressing Compile and Program or F10 in MicroCode Studio will now do it all.

    Descriptions of those, and additional command-line parameters can be found in the "Readme For PK2CMD.txt" file from the .zip above.
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