View Full Version : 14-DECEMBER-2006 QuickBlue is now an open source product.

- 15th December 2006, 19:16
14-DECEMBER-2006 QuickBlue is now an open source product.

As an open source product, it will be free to all customers in a pre compiled HEX file and source code will be available under license (http://www.quickblue.co.uk/license.txt).

The commercial version of quickBlue (http://www.quickblue.co.uk/index.html) will continue to be available those who wish to purchase a ready built solution. Which will plug directly into the Proton development board for quick prototypeing.

Why Move the Open source?
By moving to an open source product, while still supporting and advancing the product, we hope to see the product evolve at a faster pace than before, through the power of the open source development community.
What is Open source?
In general, open source refers to a program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit. (Historically, the makers of proprietary software have generally not made source code available.) Open source software is usually developed as a public collaboration and made freely available.
When will the open source version be available?
The open source version of is targeted for release in November 2006 and will be free of charge.
The Source code and technical documentation will be downloadable from the quickBlue web site.
The quickBlue hardware design files will be downloadable from the quickBlue web site
In addition, the hardware will be available for purchase at the crownhill web site (http://www.crownhill.co.uk) , including Bluetooth Module, PCB and supporting microcontroller and peripheral components.

The site now carries the full compliment of source, documentation, data sheet and license. (http://www.quickblue.co.uk/source-code.html)

Feel free to download and incorporate the QuickBlue solution into your developments.

We would really like to see some contributions from Proton users, from data loggers to alarms to robotic control. Why not join us in making your development open source.

Send us your contribution and we'll include it in the download, until the download becomes too large, then we'll add a section to the web site for user contributions.

Let's see where 2007 takes QuickBlue, if its successful and it flourishes, maybe we'll release more commercial products as open source.

Don't forget, you can use QuickBlue in your commercial developments too!, if you do, it would be great if you let us link to your web site promoting the product using QuickBlue.

At present we have the main components of QuickBlue available for purchase to assist with your developments, however if there is interest and demand, we'll put together a KIT of parts to support the PCB & BlueTooth Module.

QuickBlue is still available as a fully built and tested product, now you have the option of modifying the functionality by uploading your own version of the firmware!