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- 25th July 2008, 16:41
Hello all,

I just finished a summer project which is a GPS tracker demonstration program with data logging capacity. It uses BasicStamp 2P (also you can use PIC chip) to interface with a GPS Module, JP Module and 16x2 LCD display. Sample code used is standard PBasic 2.5 ( It can be changed to PicBasic or PicBasic Pro very easy).

It can record GPS data to a MMC/SD card with latitude and longitude information. The data can be processed from Google Map at the website: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com. If you have Google Earth installed, the data also can be processed into a KML file (Google earth data file format) at the website: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map?form=googleearth

Main components:
(1) Basic Stamp 2P
Manufacturer: www.parallax.com
Datasheet: http://www.parallax.com/tabid/440/Default.aspx

(2) GPS Module 40EBLS
Manufacturer: www.mightygps.com
Datasheet: http://www.mightygps.com/oem/MightyGPS40EBLS.pdf

(3) JP Module
Manufacturer: www.jianpingusa.com
Datasheet: http://www.jianpingusa.com/datasheet/JP%20Module%20Instruction.pdf

(4) 16x2 LCD Display
Manufacturer: http://www.femacorp.com/
Datasheet: http://www.femacorp.com/Products/LCD/Character%20Modules/Character%20Modules%20Index.htm

Attached files:
(1) Schematic

(2) Code (File attached)

(3) Project photo

(4) Google Map

(5) Google earth map (Map pictures attached)

OldSpring (Author of the project)

- 27th July 2008, 06:14
I had been looking for a 'potted' solution for MMC to use a s a large but slow store for data logging. I tried the chipset from Compusys (Ron Diol) and it works but this looks like a cleaner implementation. I have ordered two JP modules and will let the forum know how thye work.