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- 28th October 2007, 03:05
Hi Guys,
I did this two yrs ago, but only got around to making a decent video because I'm
between jobs doing a course and had some time:


The sexy LCD I got from Melanie (this forum's Melanie is an admin or mod here),
and the blue LEDs are seperate seven segment displays.

The device does a lot of things, but for this demo, speed is recorded at one second
resolution with a GPS mouse, and you see it in the car in real time.
Then you play it back in forward or reverse in real time, or time lapse (as shown here).

The device knows the position and time for every second as well if I choose to display it,
but would incriminate me because I broke the limit by 6 K's at one point!
It's an average trip to work where the extended zero periods are stops at traffic lights.

No detail or source sorry, but should be interesting to look at, and although I've moved on
to pure assembler, this started in BASIC.
THe web page has existed for some time: http://www.freewebs.com/defxev/GPS.htm
produced for potential employers, and to show off ;)
Cheers, Art.