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- 24th January 2007, 00:18
Hi to all, Is there annyone have a sample how to interface USB bluetooth dongle in a PIC using PICBASIC? I dont have any Idea where to start. I am familiar in serial but is there similarity on it?



Darrel Taylor
- 24th January 2007, 00:40
More info for you ... from Lester


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- 25th January 2007, 04:41
Hello, the link to the source code example and schematic is http://www.quickblue.co.uk/source-code.html

At present we have no plans to port this funtionality to PBP.

HOWEVER, i'd be very happy if a , suitably qualified, PBP user would like to do the port, it would give PBP users a very low cost solution.

To that end i'm happy to provide a ready built QuickBlue Module FREE (PIC Micro Onboard, DIL package that can be programmed with PBP).

So, if someone is up for the challenge, i'll provide the hardware, the source code and data sheets etc are already on the QuickBlue web site.

More than one person can collaborate, via this forum, the source code is open source, so i'd be pleased for you to publish the resulting code for all PBP users to use.

- 29th January 2007, 02:36
Its my pleasure to try it, It woud be great exploring it on PBP May I ask how to have the help?

- 29th January 2007, 03:41
Its my pleasure to try it, It woud be great exploring it on PBP May I ask how to have the help?

What help? I didn't see any help...

- 29th January 2007, 04:25
HOWEVER, i'd be very happy if a , suitably qualified, PBP user would like to do the port, it would give PBP users a very low cost solution.

Lester, i don't know if i'm a qualified PBP user, but i accept the challenge. Looking at the source code, it should be a real piece of cake to do.

You know how and where to reach me. I'm waiting for your e-mail.

- 30th January 2007, 06:03
Hello, before i go donating hardware - even if its not considered helpful by some - can we agree that :

Someone on this forum takes responsibility for the project (mister_e???)

The resulting source code and examples are posted on this forum and copied to me so that i can post them in a file download area to be created at www.compile-it.com

The project discussion is confined to a new thread created by the project owner, If required i will create a new forum area to support this project and other collaborations in the future.

Crownhill Associates Limited are NOT responsible for this project, the porting to PBP or the resulting code examples.

If the donation of hardware by Crownhill is not considered helpful to members of this forum and users of PBP, inform me via this thread and i'll ensure that no further unhelpful offers of hardware or services are forthcoming.

- 30th January 2007, 16:21
Sounds good to me.

On my side, i don't have any release date for it so don't ask me daily if i received the parts, if i did it or not, if i made some progress or not. Once done and tested, everybody will know.

If some feel that this product could be use in their project one day, i will take responsibility of the code example... not the hardware or else potential damage.

If everybody interested agree, life is good, unless, we could just forget it.

It's still a free offer from Crownhill and me after all :D

- 30th January 2007, 19:01
I think that it would ahve been nice to see some more support for this project, before anyone undertakes hours of porting.

Does anybody want to see this happen?

- 31st January 2007, 09:39
Lets vote for it!

Count me first : YES
Counter = 1

- 31st January 2007, 10:33
so.. what are you asking to be port?ed the sample code for using your quickblue product which exists for other languages but not PBP, or the firmware and design of the quick blue product?

this is a step toward a inexpensive bluetooth option?

at present the $30 to $50 bluetooth modules make them almost impossible to consider for anything but custom products... i got a bluetooth USB dongle for 6$ delivered off ebay. i know they are mass produced and not nearly as niche market engineered as products like the quick blue devices, but still.. there must be a way to use bluetooth cheaper.. possibly with these usb host chips?

is it possible that just putting bluetooth ICs or whatever into the serial mode is possible with a limited amount of code?

- 31st January 2007, 15:34

Check the links DT posted above.


- 1st February 2007, 06:38
vacpress, its highly unlikely that you'll see anyone producing a code sample for PBP that implements Host USB and the Stack required to allow you to plug a $6 usb dongle into your PIC project.

There is a reason that they only cost $6, the processing power and stack are in the PC (driver) and your PIC is not going to be able to provide USB host, Blutooth stack and have room for your flashing led program!

The main reason that QuickBlue was produced, was to allow developers to interface to a Bluetooth module more easily , with less development and with enough processor memory and time left to run an application.

Quickblue is open source, schematics, code gerbers etc, so right now as far as i can see, its the ceapest fastest route to implementing Blutooth connectivity in a PIC BASIC project.

The reason for the port is related only to the code, if you want to use the open source QuickBlue off the shelf, you can't do it with PBP, so the code needs to be ported to PBP to enable you to compile it, thats all.

- 12th March 2007, 22:40
Hi all,
I am new to this forum. Can you please tell me whether source code of QuickBlue Data logger application is available for public (or at least for quicklink buyers) or not?

- 13th March 2007, 07:19
Sounds like a fun project!


- 17th March 2007, 22:37
This would be very cool. I'd love to have bluetooth for some of my PIC projects.