View Full Version : interfacing gps receiver with 16f877a

- 9th September 2006, 21:44
can u please help me to interface gps receiver with 16f877a pic. tryinn to use the receiver mentioned below
SiRFstar II High-Performance GPS Receiver JGR-SRM-LPF
thanking u

- 27th September 2006, 09:13
Pls check the link below and have a look at tha application notes, sample codes etc.

Source code is not supported by Parallax, but is offered as a free download.



<img src="http://img4.picsplace.to/img4/26/28146.jpg" alt="Image Hosting by PicsPlace.to" >



* Single-wire 4800 bps TTL Serial interface to BASIC Stamp, SX and Propeller microcontrollers.
* Provides either raw NMEA0183 strings or specific data, making it easier to use on the BASIC Stamp microcontrollers.
* Simple/raw mode selectable via I/O control.
* Single +5VDC supply @ 115 mA (typical)
* Standard 4-pin header interface (.100" spacing).