View Full Version : Is it a big differences between them ?

- 21st May 2006, 20:33
Because over one week I am going to Germany for worldcup, so I bought one GPS receiver Nav4all . The price is quiet nice , it only cost me 70 Euro and the mapping service is 1 euro per month. One thing amazing is untill 16 August I can use the service for free.

My colleague Sam , he is going to Germany ,too. But he has one GPS name TomTom. According to him, the price is 25O euro ! and the Service cost is also not cheap.

My question is why they are so different ? I do mean the market price here. after all, the functions are looks the same to me. I can't see the differences.

- 22nd May 2006, 10:55

this is a PICBASIC Forum, no Mobile Navigation Forum!

However, it shouldn't be much of a problem to find out what the differences are if you visit:

Nav4All (www.nav4all.com) and tomtom (www.tomtom.com)

There is an even cheaper solution!
Go get you a road atlas germany,
less than EUR 10 and does not even require batteries ;-)

- 22nd May 2006, 13:19
You know Ralph I just love those...

When I was in the USA I bought myself a pocket Road Map which was about six inches (150mm) coast-to-coast Atlantic to Pacific. I was in Hartford Connecticut and decided to drive to Niagra Falls one Saturday morning... after all how far could it be... only about 3cm on the map... 9 hours later...