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- 26th January 2006, 19:27
quickBlue™ Link Easily adds Bluetooth™ to your product without the need for Bluetooth™ design, you can see an example of quickBlue™ Link in a data logging application by downloading the quickBlue™ Link documentation and demo app from the quickBlue™ web site: http://www.quickblue.co.uk/quickblue-link.html

Ron Marcus
- 3rd February 2006, 12:42
Hi Lester,
Since these units work at 2.4 Gig, why is the link speed fairly low? Are there any units that work in the 1Mbit range? I'd like to send some picture files, and 115K is even slow for this.


- 4th February 2006, 09:53
The maximum underlying link speed is actually up at around 700k, but our quickblue product is aimed at the majority of our client base and 115k is pretty much the maximum required by them.

Of course we could supply the Bluetooth module without our quickblue firmware and you could write your own routines to drive it, its perfectly feasable. Thousgh you might have trouble getting more than 384k (nearest standard baud rate) out of a PIC.

Ron Marcus
- 4th February 2006, 14:09
My wish is for a bluetooth link with SPI for truly high speed with our little PICs. I will tap my Ruby slippers and say it three times... OK, it's early yet, I'll be alright when the caffeine kicks in!

- 20th March 2007, 13:23

I would like to develop a simple device using Bluetooth. What I would like to do it use either my cell phone or my laptop to control a bluetooth chip.....maybe interface it with a PIC if needed. The device will only need to turn on say 4-6 outputs and if it could read the status of a few more that would be great.

I know very little about Bluetooth, just enough to link my cell phone with my laptop. Is there a cheap version of a Bluetooth module that I can use? Is it difficult to interface? Is there an off the shelf device (I noticed Quick Blue but wasn't sure) that I don't need to modify the code too much to accomplish what I need.