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- 17th January 2006, 11:02
Is it possible to use standard USB bluetooth adapters to connect two PICs?

Any idea how to set up data string on D- and D+ of bluetooth adapter to have two adapters make a link? then the rest should be simple.

Let say that no encryption or no other features of bluetoorh devices are needed; just make the link, and then send/receive data via that link ; or just send data from one and receive it from the other using picbasic commands. I know that it is a device and needs complex programming to operate; but there should be some ways just to get them connected via simple commands.

A "concept" schematic is attached. But as it says it is just a concept made up in five minutes.

Thanks in advance

- 17th January 2006, 18:10
Hi, you might like to concider quickBlue for easy Bluetooth™ integration (http://www.quickblue.co.uk) quickBlue for easy Bluetooth™ integration using PBP.
quickBlue™ Link (http://www.quickblue.co.uk/quickblue-link.html) is a fully transparent serial to Bluetooth™ data link. quickBlue™ Link Easily adds Bluetooth™ to your product without the need for Bluetooth™ design. The module contains full RF circuit including integral antenna utilising the CSR chipset fully qualified as a Bluetooth™ component and PIC™ microcontroller providing a simple to use, plug-in module with serial interface to the host application. Once installed, the module can interface to standard Bluetooth™ devices, e.g. Laptop computers, PDA’s, Mobile phones etc. Operating in slave mode, it initializes itself and waits for a remote device to connect.

- 18th January 2006, 09:08
Thank you for the recommendation.

My idea was (still is though) to design a project with a USB Bluetooth adapter which can be found almost in any electronics shop. "quickBlue" is not widely available and can not be found by many people who want to implement this project. (Imagining that my project has become a popular one around the world!).

Also, it is more expensive (Retails approx. US$50) compared to a USB Bluetooth adapter that is around US$10-12. And we need two modules.

“Providing the code online and letting the users find the components in local shops would be the most feasible way for a project to be implemented easily” Albert Einstein 1938

Just a joke.

If anyone encounters with a project or design with PICs using USB Bluetooth pls kindly remember to post it here so that WE can produce new ideas over it.

- 18th January 2006, 14:22
As far as I know PICs can only be used as a USB Device not a USB Host as you would require to connect the USB Bluetooth device. To do this you would need to get a USB Host controller and connect it to the PIC. Unfortunatly I havn't seen anyone do this yet but if I do I will post more info.

- 23rd January 2006, 13:55
If by 10-12USD Bluetooth Adapter you mean the USB adapters that are commonly used to give PC's Bluetooth capability. Its highly unlikely that you'll see a PIC BASIC solution that uses those. You'd have to impliment a large part of the Bluetooth stack in the PIC, using PBP AND have USB Host capability available in the same device. So it's no possible.

To qualify that, Technically its just about possible to impliment something, but it would most likely not be compliant with any standard and there'd bo no code space left for the payload - your application!

What you need is a 10USD (1 off price) Bluetooth module with AT command set and to my knowledge they don't exist at present.

- 23rd January 2007, 00:18
You would need a Usb host controller to Handle the D+ and D- signals. The only Host Controller that i have seen is <a href="http://www.parallax.com/detail.asp?product_id=604-00051">VNC1L-1A</a>