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- 21st February 2023, 07:35
when you have trained it the masters will then charge you for it's services

- 21st February 2023, 07:52
when you have trained it the masters will then charge you for it's services

Is that such a problem. Like any tool, it may be improved by feedback from its users. If it is a useful tool and you choose to use it, then why not contribute to its costs.

Elon Musk left the founding group because he did not agree with the way that OpenAI was becoming more closed after Microsofts involvement.

Open does not mean free

I think it is more important to have the technology open and transparent , therefore accessible , than free and stifled by lack of investment. I hope that the technology stays Open, and we are charged only for the new tools that companies create using the technology.

- 21st February 2023, 08:21
Current pricing for use of OpenAI


- 21st February 2023, 09:00
Have seen what Dall-E does and is beyond compare to any program or skill. An amazing piece of software.

I do some graphics art job too and can acknowledge that in this field the evolution is tremendous. For simple jobs on face portraits, like correct some artifacts or blur from camera motion, the Remini app on mobile phones creates almost perfect images. I used it and can say that the result is unbeleivable. Of course it does not create the details or info that is missing from thin air. It replaces what is missed from the huge image database and if the nose or eye is perfect, for sure it is not the one of the original! Tough it fits in nicely.

This shows that there are possibilities not imagined before. Same in the video projects and audio too.


- 21st February 2023, 09:44
Is that such a problem

that's what the coke dealer said when the free sample honeymoon period was over.:D you know you really need it.
marketing 101 build up a dependance then given time people are hooked, can't think for themselves any longer:tongue:

- 21st February 2023, 11:02
I can see that Just like most things in this modern world, I will , like it or not, end up depending on this new technology. In the same way that I depend on the Cloud, the Internet etc

You can avoid these things for only so long. If the world adopts, you either join in or are left behind.

I ran a very profitable ISP before Mozilla and Google hit the scene. From the moment they arrived, business grew exponentially. For me, this AI movement is like that over again.

I just started playing with the GPT extension for Chrome and similar for Firefox. Wow, what a differenece it make to productivity.

....and this is year 1 of us being given access.

I for one look forward to seeing what this new abaility gives us and what we do with it. Being able to access information in this new way, is like a breath of fresh air to me.