View Full Version : GPS “Odometer” Distance Measurements

- 29th April 2022, 00:19

I am interested in using a low cost GPS receiver for producing a TTL pulse for every meter of distance cd travelled. This as an alternative to hacking into the vehicles transmission or ABS “Speed” sensors.

For Radio Range measurements, testing would be done in a straight line with a clear view of the sky. Velocity would be constant between (5-10) MPH.

Absolute position is not important but a consistent incremental update is.

If someone has a project containing the core code, I would be willing to pay for customization.

Jay Zebryk

- 29th April 2022, 11:17
i would be quite interested in seeing your theory on how consistent incremental distance data
at 1m resolution can be extracted from a low cost GPS receiver at any rate let alone 5 times a second

- 29th April 2022, 13:31
My phone usually gives about 10m error at least.


- 11th May 2022, 13:43
I tested many cheap gps receivers and coordinates are oscilating alltime , so I obtained 1-14 m error ( sometime errors are more than 20m) . Its very interesting Ardupilot , APm and few RC Bait Boat Autopilot have a 1-2m error while using GPS M8N , M6N .
Its used a average for coordinates or another algorithm like Gauss ?