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- 26th June 2018, 00:49
Hi to all To this time i`m working whit a hc-05 bluetooth module to capture information for other device, unfortunatelly actual systems only works whit none,odd and even the other device that i`m trying to connect works whit Mark and space parity. Reading some post here,in some cases for hserin,hserout you can build a parity whit 8n2, in my case i need to work whit 9600 bauds, exist some posibility to build a parity generator in microcontroller and connect whit hc-05 to get something similar for emulation to mark parity mode?. the most close that i`m to be to get all chars reception is setting the bluetooth whit 9600,e,2, but i can` t get all the strings if change to the odd y can see the other chars part. However or at least for now i can see that you can`t change the parity of the hc-05 at the fly. I appreciatte if could give me some tips to try to solve my trouble or maybe exist some bluetooth module whit more performance. Thanks in advance. Brainless

- 26th June 2018, 11:32
Brainless, I have to ask for starters, Why do you have to change the parity on the fly? Second, Yes you can change the serial port parameters of the HC-05 to just about anything you like, (7 or 8 data bits), (odd or even or no parity), (1 or 2 stop bits). It's all in the "AT" style commands you can send to the main processor.

- 26th June 2018, 16:31
Hi dave. Thanks for reply, sorry for missundertsanding maybe need to need more specific. The hardware is a counter coins that works whit a rs232 follow his behavior whit sniffer port the parity of device works is 9600,M,1. I`m trying to connect via bluetooth whit app inventor to drive this unit. testing in computer i can see all the string, because windows support all parities, now when put the bluetooth to the unit i can`t get the string for example 01,08,16,21,26,F8,55 (20 coins dispensed code) i didn`t receive the complete string setting the bluetooth whit at commands i get this under 9600,N,0 (received 01 everything else ignored),9600,1,0(received 01,21,55), 9600,e,1 (01,08,21,26),9600,o,1(16,F8,55), in this case could be neccesary to change parity and stores data in array (maybe in 16f628)and try to send but i think that bluetooth at the end are be set on a fixed parity and the final result are be the same for this reason i want to try to change parity on the fly. But honestly i don`t have an idea about how i can drive properly the parity. Thanks again for any reply about this issue. Brainless