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- 27th March 2018, 08:17
Hello All,

I'm looking around for some serial-to-Wifi modules connecting to a Wifi virtual com port on the PC.

The only product I found up to now is this one here: http://www.tronicore.com/en/serial-wifi-adapter


This example shows an "ad-hoc" setup but I would also bee happy with an "infrastructure" system.

I bought one of these for testing (not received yet) but their interface is too big to fit in the project I built already; in any case, I will have to find a smaller module.

I might not be the best Googler on earth, but I'm surprised not being able to find more than this only example (...especially for a VCOM piece of software). Is the vocabulary I use for searching wrong? Does this system have a particular name? Is this not common at all?

If anyone has seen/done/found something like this before I'll be really happy the here about ;)

- 27th March 2018, 09:20
This may be an answer https://www.itead.cc/wiki/ESP8266_Serial_WIFI_Module


Seems to be lot on youtube on these modules plus google for

esp8266 serial to wifi

- 27th March 2018, 13:07
Thanks aerostar,

I have some of these modules already; unfortunately, this is not what I'm looking for ;)

- 27th March 2018, 15:45
Flotulopex I have used a product from ATC some time ago. It was an ATC-2000WF RS232/RS422/RS485 to WIFI convertor. It worked quite well. There are other offerings from company's like DIGI.

- 28th March 2018, 00:21
I have set up the ESP05 and 12 serial to wifi modules (ridiculously cheap...$5, $7). Then had to program them to be "transparent bridge" so when powered up, they just act like a serial connection for send receive. And can program through web-settings to attach to your wifi network with IP and password. Pictured is a visual studio program to send and receive data to my 18F2550.



- 2nd April 2018, 13:05
Tibbo, Lantronix, Netburner and Wiznet do such modules. With the Wiznet I had some issues. Maybe because of the Power supply not supplying enough current. Never managed to make it work. Lantronix is my favorite though most expensive I suppose.

Anyway, they all are in the logic of Serial to Ethernet and then your PC will run a piece of software to read the Ethernet and convert it to Virtual Com Port. Then your old software can just read the virtual serial port as if it was a real Serial data arriving from your Serial device connected locally.


- 3rd April 2018, 11:41
Ioannis, I also use the Lantronix RS232 to WIFI converters in my system at home. I haven't ever had any problems to date. I currently use about 6 of them.

- 3rd April 2018, 12:18
At 150 a pop, I should hope not.

- 3rd April 2018, 12:55
George, where did that 150 come from?

OK, Lantronix are expensive comparing but the cable Ethernet to serial are around 50 and the Wifi to serial around 70-75.

Other makers are cheaper of course. You can find from chine even cheaper.


- 4th April 2018, 00:29
George, where did that 150 come from?

Google. Post must be 10

- 4th April 2018, 08:05
Thanks a lot for all your info :wink:

- 4th April 2018, 13:18
Thanks aerostar,

I have some of these modules already; unfortunately, this is not what I'm looking for ;)
Just curious - why don't they meet your need?