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- 18th March 2016, 02:32
HDI & Multilayer PCB Over 15+ years specialized manufacturer in china.

1、Provided “PCB PCBA One-stop shop”service.
2、Covering the 2-14 Multilayer PCB Prototype,HDI PCB,High Frequency PCB,Thick Copper PCB, Flexible PCB,Aluminium PCB,Metal Core MCPCB etc.
3、Have ISO9001 ISO14001 TS16949 and UL quality certification,
4、Our client have Samsung DELL Alcatel-Lucent Huawei Lenovo FOXCONN TCL ASUS etc.
5、Reply quotation with in 2 hours .Welcome send to [email protected]


- 19th August 2016, 06:07
PCB cart is also one of the best and leading PCB manufacturer. I used to purchade my prototypes from them.