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- 21st September 2011, 13:18
The WizFi210 is so new I cannot find a datasheet but the link below has a schematic of the evaluation board. The $30 price makes it very attractive for a shield.


- 21st September 2011, 13:59

has the user manual in the downloads section..

- 21st September 2011, 15:42
Thanks - I had clicked that tab but nothing happened.

- 21st September 2011, 15:47

Links do work, justdownloaded pdf.

- 21st September 2011, 22:25
When I click the link, the page jumps as if scrolling down a few lines, but nothing else. Clicking a second time loads the linked page.

- 22nd September 2011, 12:48
Given the low cost of the WizNET devices, I'll try to design a shield that can support the WizFi810 and the Wiz107SR. They are not quite as easy to use as the Connect One modules nor do they have SMTP/POP3 and other protocols built-in but users might be able to adapt Henrik's low level code (once completed) to work with these.

- 22nd September 2011, 20:28
It looks like the Wiz105SR is their only ethernet-to-serial module without either an RS232 or RS485 transceiver. It has a SMH header on top of the board which would make it hard to use with a shield that also supports the WizFi210 but I may buy one to see how difficult it would be to modify.

- 23rd September 2011, 22:12
That should have read SMD. Anyway, the Wiz105SR just barely fits on a shield PCB with enough room left over to squeeze in a 2x6 header that can connect to the module via a ribbon cable. So, while I'm waiting on answers to a couple of questions, I'm fairly sure I'll design a shield for the Wiz105SR and the WizFi210. Both are among the least expensive modules of these types. If so, I'll drop the shield design for the Tibbo modules - I really don't like how long Tibbo took with firmware updates nor do I like the Goldbergian interconnect method they used between the EM500 and GA1000 and flash.

- 4th October 2011, 15:16
Hi Dave,
I looking at this also. I have a project in mind that would appeal to the hams here AND elsewhere.
It is a wireless UNencrypted link using either channel 1 OR 6. The reasons for this is to increase range.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful.

Terry K9HA

- 4th October 2011, 18:10
I'm still waiting on answers to a few questions I sent to their US dealer. The manual for the WizFi210 shows several pins that either have internal or need external pullups/pulldowns. The manual is ambiguous and I'm not sure whether I need to add external resistors. There are a few other things like that - are the inputs 5V tolerant - some of their other modules are. With 48 pins, doing level conversion on more than 2-3 is a non-starter. The WizNet website has a FAQ and Question/Answer database but looking there has been unrewarding. They have a User Forum but it's in Korean.

It looks good and there's a high-power version WizFi220 but I'd feel much better with clear documentation and a way to get questions answered.

I've designed a shield for the WizFi210/220, Wiz810io & Wiz105SR but don't want to order PCBs or modules til I feel better about all the above.

- 4th October 2011, 19:55
Thanks Dave,
I know what you mean about getting data sheets. It's very frustrating at times getting simple answers..
Hey, have you tried Jameco, who is a US distributor?

Thanks again,

Terry K9HA

- 4th October 2011, 20:24
I tried Saelig who have been pretty good in the past but not this time. I'll try Jameco - I missed that they are a distributor.

- 4th October 2011, 21:57
Go back to Wiznets site and follow the link to US Distribs, several US didtributors.

Happy to help,
Terry K9HA

- 5th October 2011, 22:06
Jameco's price is too high and they have no datasheet - only the quickstart guide so I doubt they can answer my questions.

Neither SparkFun nor Future Electronics stock it.

- 15th February 2017, 09:27
I have to agree with dhouston
Jameco's price is too high and they have no datasheet - only the quickstart guide so I doubt they can answer my questions.
That's right, I sent them message and they couldn't answer my questions properly. Probably some random people sitting over there and answering customers questions.